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We are Anikó and Béla Visontai, and since more then 20 years ago have we began to get interested in healthy food and living. During this time we got to knew a lot of dietary directions, and thus today we believe that the most important is that everyone finds the one best for themselves and their health. That's the philosophy we followed when we founded our guesthouse and when we design our product-line and new recipes.

Our life is cooking. In '96 we opened our vegetarian restaurant in the beautiful Balaton lakeside city of Keszthely, while in 2006 we have changed it to a guesthouse in the nearby village of Gyenesdiűs. Since then our life is to create delicious meals, along with alternatives that are suitable to everyone, let them have any special dietary requirements. For example if you are sensitive to milksugar, are not allowed to eat tomatoes and you only like beef of all meats, you have come to the best place. Or if you are ovo-lakto vegan we will have delicious meals for you! Or you are just simply bored of the usual Wienerschnitzel found in all restaurants, and would like to try something special, just visit us!

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Anikó and Béla

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